So let’s talk Sorcerer’s for a moment.  If you recall, I wrote about the Divine Soul Sorcerer a bit ago and discussed all the options and powers that the subclass gains.  However, after talking a little bit with the mighty Jim Davis (of WebDM fame) and my friends Virus and Saevrick, it occurred to me that the Sorcerer really is missing a bit of oomph.  Also I cannot write a title worth beans.

You see, most pure casters (wizard, cleric, druid) by level 20 will be able to prepare 25 total spells.  20 spells from your level, 5 from your modifier.  However, Sorcerers will only know 15 total, a full 10 less, with no appreciable reason as to why this is.  How do we fix this?  By giving the Sorcerer bloodlines thematic bonus spell lists.

The general idea here was to create a list of 10 spells, with 2 per level from level 1 to level 5 similar to Domains for the Cleric, Bonus Spells for Druids of the Land, and so on.  At the appropriate levels the Sorcerer gains the two listed spells automatically.  Both Jim and Virus assisted me in choosing some of these spells, and when applicable I marked the spells that come out of Xanathar’s guide.  Also the Storm Sorcerer actually HAD bonus spells in UA, but for some reason it was removed from Xanathar’s so I copied that list, and added one extra to it.  Also when choosing bonus spells I went with Theme first, mechanics second so you might notice spells that normally are not on the Sorcerer spell lists on here.


Let’s start by taking a look at probably the most confusing one: Wild Magic.  This was the list that got the most help from Virus and Jim.  Both of them suggested a few spells that are on here.  The theme I always see with Wild Magic is chaos and madness.  The idea that the magic just flows out, does random things, and causes all sorts of nonsense.  So spells chosen here either modify people or the world in some way, have random effects, or mess with people’s heads.

  • 1st – Chaos Bolt (Xanathar), Hideous Laughter
  • 3rd – Reduce/Enlarge, Blur
  • 5th – Blink, Hunger of Hadar
  • 7th – Polymorph, Confusion
  • 9th – Animate Objects, Synaptic Static (Xanathar)


Next up we have Dragon.  Now for this one, rather than creating a list for each blood line, I created a single list and added the caveat that spells that deal damage on this list can only deal damage for the draconic bloodline.  So Gold/Red would deal Fire damage, but White/Silver would deal cold for example.  Everything else was to call back to the idea of what Dragons can typically do such as protecting themselves from energy types, putting Fear into their enemies, locking their enemies down, and so one.  Thanks to Spilled Ale for the suggestion of Thunderwave as well, as it can mimic a Dragons Roar and shove enemies away.

  • 1st – Thunderwave, Cause Fear
  • 3rd – Dragons Breath* (Xanathar), See Invisibility
  • 5th – Fireball*, Protection from Energy
  • 7th – Elemental Bane (Xanathar), Stoneskin
  • 9th – Immolation* (Xanathar), Hold Monster

* Unless you gain this spell from another source, damage dealt by these spells match the damage type associated with your dragon color ie Red/Gold = Fire, Black = Acid, ect


Now for Divine we stuck to bonus spells from the Divine Caster classes.  Most of the spells here are found on the Cleric spell list.  The idea here was to stick to type and go with Buffs and Defensive magics.  Most clerics, good or evil, will have these spells ready so it makes sense to have a more “Generic” set of spells that all Divine Souls get access to.  These spells either restore people, call to the gods and spirits, and so on.

  • 1st – Detect Magic, Shield of Faith
  • 3rd -Lesser Restoration, Augury
  • 5th – Daylight, Spirit Guardians
  • 7th – Death Ward, Banishment
  • 9th – Greater Restoration, Mass Cure Wounds


Shadow has always called out to me as being about misdirection, darkness, and so on.  Jim suggested Animate Dead and I have to agree, and the rest are mostly my idea.  Playing on the idea that Shadow Sorcerers generally want to hide back, instill fear, and mess with their enemies minds.  Mostly, I think Shadow magic calls to Illusion spells so I tried to go with that in theme.

  • 1st – Disguise Self, Silent Image
  • 3rd – Darkness, Silence
  • 5th – Animate Dead, Fear
  • 7th – Greater Invisibility, Arcane Eye
  • 9th – Mislead, Seeming


Storm was basically already done in the original Unearthed Arcana article.  However, it only had a single spell listed for its final bonus, so I added Control Winds as that screams Storm to me.  Again, Storm already had some restrictions on its Conjure Minor / Conjure Elemental spells and those stay here as they just make sense.

  • 1st – Fog cloud, Thunderwave
  • 3rd – Gust of wind, Levitate
  • 5th – Call lightning, Sleet storm
  • 7th – Conjure minor elementals*, Ice storm
  • 9th – Conjure elemental**,  Control Winds (Xanathar)

* Unless you gain this spell from another source, you can summon only smoke mephits, steam mephits, ice mephits, or dust mephits with it. 

**Unless you gain this spell from another source, you can summon only air elementals with it

So there you have it, bonus spell lists for each of the Sorcerer Bloodlines that I am aware of, with reasoning behind it.  Let me know if you feel any spells should be switched out and why and how you feel about these.  Hopefully your DM/GM or your Players will appreciate this extra boost to power for the Sorcerer, and put these casters on a more level playing field with their contemporaries.

And no, Metamagic does not make up for 10 less spells.  Just saying.

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Giving the Sorcerer some Love with Bloodline Bonus Spells
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