It has come out that the Better Business Bureau has given Epic Games an F rating on its site recently.  This is due to the massive amount of complaints regarding refunds, purchases, and products that Epic Games has been selling on their online storefront and through Fortnite.

Frankly, I am not very surprised by this.  The larger a company gets, the more its mistakes will come to haunt it, and this is a prime example of the issue where an angry person who feels slighted will make SURE everyone hears about it, but people who are happy will generally not say a word.

Browsing through the complaints on the site, I am rather aghast.  A lot of it has to do with general customer service issues such as failed purchases, missing items, and refund requests that have gone unanswered.  Given that Epic’s store launched in the most bare bones way, I am again unsurprised to see these complaints go unanswered.  Currently the Epic Store has no community integration, no forums, no easy refund or review system.  Its just a barebones storefront.  Go in, buy a game, be done with it.

Epic has a lot to do if they want to fix this rating and compete with other Storefronts like Good old Games or Steam.  They need to start addressing these complaints sooner rather then later, to show that they care about their customers.  They also need to start improving their storefront, putting in a refund policy, having actual support available to contact, and a way for their customers to interact and assist each other if need be.

Personally, despite a few games I want to play being exclusive right now to the Epic store (Hades, for example) I refuse to use it.  Its so lacking in features that I have no desire to install or download it.  And now, with these issues coming to the surface, I am even MORE disinterested in the Epic Store.  Sure, it means I won’t be able to play the exclusive games, but that actually doesn’t hurt me as a consumer.  It hurts the game developers who are partnering with Epic actually.  They have the potential to lose sales.  Yes, the Epic Launcher, with its store, is installed on anyones machine who plays Fortnite, and thats a LOT of people, but the question then becomes how many are you going to convert into sales of these games?  Hades, for example, is nothing like Fortnite.  How many Fortnite players are going to want that indie game vs the sheer amount of people who be interested in it on Steam?

I honestly dont know, but I do know as news of these issues spread, more and more people are going to be disinclined to purchase from the Epic Store.  I already didn’t want to use them, and now I REALLY don’t want to touch that storefront!  What happens if I need a refund, or my game has an issue, or my purchase fails?  From the sound of it, I am going to be up shit creek without a paddle.  And I don’t like that feeling.

How do you feel this will effect Epic?  Or do you even think it will be a big deal?  Leave a comment below and let me know what your thoughts on this are!

Epic Games now has a “F” Rating on the BBB!
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