Last night during my Monday Night DND Game, I had to kill a party member at their request to save them. Why did this happen? Well here is the entire story with some background information so you understand the context.

The whole campaign started by each of us (minus Gannel, who is the party member I killed) getting letters to come to a distant land to get answers to some questions we each had. From there, we discovered the man who called out to us, a Lord Vendhall, needed us to seek out and obtain powers from these Shrines. Along the way we found out that Vendhall was a “Dead” god called Arannis, and each of us became Avatars of the gods whose shrines we visited, gaining a variety of powers based on the god and element they represented. We also rescued Gannel during these early moments in the game (prior to even reaching a shrine) and discovered he held the seed of one of the gods as well.

  • I became the avatar of Godric, God of Fire, Law, and Justice
  • My wife Grum became the Avatar of Aruku, god of Crafting, Architecture and Earth
  • First Ariza became the avatar of K’tun Goddess of Healing, Harvest, and Water. This has since moved to Malek, our NPC Bard (the powers move on death, and Ariza sacrified herself to save us all)
  • Broudran became the avatar of Baulder, God of Foresight, Planning, and Air
  • Gannel became the avatar of Arannis, god of magic and knowledge.  His powers have since moved.  To where?  We dont know.

Oh and just for reference, Arannis wants to steal all these powers from us and betray his godly friends. Then on top of THAT there is some Demon Bastard chasing us for em too!  So basically this entire campaign has been the fault of these two yahoos.

We eventually gained access to what we have all nicknamed Avatar States, which give us massive amounts of power but at the cost of literally doing 10d10+10 points of elemental damage a round. For example, mine does Radiant damage to me, but gives me 100ft of flying speed, giant flaming wings, and the ability to generate lava (either in a 180 degree wave doing 40d6 fire damage, or a lava spout doing 60d6 damage to a target and all targets within 5 ft, and reduces fire resistance of the target by 1 step). Oh and my CHA goes up to 30.  Yea its pretty busted.  Hence the 10d10+10 points of damage a ROUND.  Our party basically never uses em without serious preparation beforehand like Death Ward.

Saevrick’s state did Psychic damage (so mental damage) while in it but gave him access to Unlimited Wizard Magic and during a particular fight he stayed in that state for a LONG time, taking 10d10+10 psychic damage a ROUND with me healing him to stay up. It was determined that such repeated and constant damage to his mind broke up and turned his brain to swiss cheese basically. I think he took upwards of 200-300 damage over time, maybe more.  All hail Cleric Healing!

From that point forward he basically was a nutter. Killed several random people via Power Word kill, abused the shit out of his powers, and even started colluding with the God whose powers he shared to betray everyone and steal all of our own powers.

Last night during the game, he got visited by the ghost of a dead friend. Apparently (and none of us players knew this) he had started on his adventuring path (I THINK) because he avenged the murder of this friend by killing his murderer. His friend warned him that said murderer has been brought back and is hunting him, and also begged him to stop doing the things he has been. The entire group nearly broke down (the background music helped set the mood), and when I found him the next morning sitting in the woods, he turned and begged me to kill him while he was still in control of himself.

The party had a bit of an argument, I pointed out that I could kill him and then bring him back while repairing all the damage done to his body, but that would also be assuming his spirit was willing.

My cleric then drove the sword through his throat.

Over the next hour our NPC Bard Malek (who was NOT happy with these turn of events) got me a Diamond in the nearby trading outpost, and I performed Resurrection (which, unlike every other healing spell, REPAIRS ALL PHYSICAL DAMAGE TO THE BODY!)

Gannel returned, mentally whole.

And he remembers every single thing he did and agreed to while mad. He is ashamed, Vranick (thats me) is Furious at Arannias (the god whose power started this whole mess) and I for one fully intend, with Gannels help, to kill a God.

Even told my god (who was Ariannis friend before they all ascended) of my intentions. My god, Godric, is also furious.

For those who want to watch the scene, here is the full clip on twitch:

Watch Gannel’s Moment of Clarity from TheWalkingVirus on
Good times indeed. Oh and at the end of the session Broudran got revenge on the man who killed his family. Who didnt even fight back. Creepy 0_0

Now if you excuse me my Cleric needs to start planning out how to kill a God.  Should be fine.  He needed a life goal!

In case that was a little too emotional, here is a silly NPC thinking that Castles can be worn as earrings from later that session!

Watch Just Steve Things from TheWalkingVirus on

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