Its good to get back into the video game review seat, as it were. The video above covers the game Elex, developed by Pirhana Bytes and published by THQ Nordic. THQ did provide me a key for the purposes of review.  Mind you, everything I say in the video above and below is just my opinion.

This game is quite the janky trip: with strange animations at times, stiff controls, poorly worded or flat our incorrect tooltips and information, and brutalizing combat.

But there is a heart here. A wonderful world designed from the ground up by hand, with items and lore strewn about it. The entire world is also without load screens which is amazing, and its a pure joy to just wander the wilderness, trying to find hidden nooks and crannies. Also I love the mix of Sci Fi and Magic here, and I am eager to play Elex 2 (yes it was announced).

I have had an absolute blast playing this game, even if 3 hours of my playtime is death related (yea, I died enough times that 3 hours of steams playtime is related to dying and reloading). This game is not for the faint of heart, even on Easy.

If you are willing to put up with the oddities of the game, its well worth your time. Is it worth the $50 price tag? That I am not so sure about. For a hardcore RPG lover, who loved the old Gothic games and can put up with this games eccentricities then absolutely. But if you are not sure you can handle a game that will regularly and without warning hand you your ass, then avoid this.

Also, be advised, for the first 5-10 hours you basically want to avoid combat. The monsters, even the lowliest ones, will MURDER YOU. Getting a companion (Duras is the first one you can access, just complete the murder investigation quest chain), is REQUIRED. Even on Easy.

You can purchase the game on Steam, GoGXBox One, and PS4

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ELEX: A Science Fantasy Action RPG by the makers of Gothic/Risen (A Review)
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