Time for you to go home cause you cant….stay….here

Due to the wonderful world of COVID and increases in costs for basically life, I can no longer afford to keep this site going.  I have backed up my post text data at the least, and may create a free version of the site down the road but honestly?

I don’t really need this anymore.

Between Twitter, Youtube, and Patreon, I can host writings for free as it stands.  Having my own site to maintain has simply become too much of a hassel.

As such, its closing down at the end of the month.  10/31/2020 is when my hosting contact ends.  I do not know if the site will be accessible after that (I imagine not)

If you want to keep up with me, you will want to follow me (for free) on one of the following locations

Its been a good couple of years, but its time for a new chapter as it were.

Thanks for following.  I hope to see you elsewhere.  Peace.

Closing Time
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