TN’s Indie Impressions #5 – Dicey Dungeons

Don’t have much to say about this one beyond its a fun quirky and cute little romp, best played in short bursts.

TN’s Indie Impressions #4 – Druidstone: The Secret of the Menhir Forest

Thanks to the developers for tossing a key my way for this fantastic Turn Based Strategy game that reminds me very much of playing Chess, only with a lot more options. Lets take a look at Druidstone!

TN’s Indie Impressions #3 – Siralim 3

Time to take a look at the Roguelike Monster Catching game Siralim 3, a personal favorite of mine.  My only real wish is that the dungeon crawling was first person instead of Top Down, but I think Thylacine is aware…

TN’s Indie Impressions #2 – Nova Drift

Another episode of Indie Impressions down, this time the SHMUP known as Nova Drift, a title still in Early Access but shows some promise.  Too bad I am absolutely horrible at this game.  I mean WHOOOO MAN I am badddddd.…

TN’s Indie Impressions #1 – Forager

I did not record the game audio on purpose to avoid any issues with Youtube.  I used royalty free music instead.  I hope you enjoy the first of my Indie Impressions.  Not sure what this is all about?  Check out…

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