Hey folks, time for something completely different! Today, I bring to you…an album review!

Wait, I can hear you say. This is a site and blog about books! How dare you bring this music stuff here. Well allow me to explain. You see, for me, reading and music go hand in hand. I almost always have SOME form of background noise or music playing when I read. It helps me to focus. I have ADHD and having a second thing for my brain to focus on actually makes it work better.

So on occasion, I am going to bring up music here on the site. Not often, but sometimes. Next monday you will see something similar.

But today, I am reviewing an album given to me by Careless, of the band Careless Juja. Its titled “For Naughty Children” and is a Halloween/Christmas hybrid themed album, about Krampus and Baba Yaga.

Now, full disclosure. I consider Careless one of my best friends. I have known him for about 2 years running now. I frequently get to listen to tracks of his prior to them being released to give my opinion on them. And just like anything else, he knows that when I review something, I give my honest thoughts. I frequently tell him I don’t like some tracks, and like others. Further, my voice (Along with several other folks) is featured as the chorus on one of the tracks. Even then, I will give this album my normal treatment. And yes, he gave me a digital copy to review, and is going to give me a physical copy for my little collection of CDs that I have.

So the way I review albums is a little odd. I review them track by track, and then give an overall rating to it. Frequently I find one or two tracks I like, one or two I don’t, and the rest I am just sorta eh about.


Careless Juja - For Naughty Children - cover

Track 1: Bedtime Rhyme – Purely vocal track. Not really music. Its setting the mood for sure though. Holy crap this is creepy. Yup, sets the mood well. Wouldn’t listen to it again though honestly. By itself, it serves little purpose. You kinda have to listen to it prior to the rest for it to make sense.

Track 2: Yule Lord – This is the track featuring the “Geek Easy Chorus” which included me. Here is a picture to show this. I have circled my ugly mug.

Geek Easy Chorus

Christ I forgot how catchy this damn song is. It tells the tale of Krampus the Yule Lord. I actually listened this prior to going to work on Tuesday morning…and kept chanting the damn chorus all day. Its a fun song and I actually really like it. DOOR TO DOOR ACROSS THE WORLD SPREAD THE YULETIDE CHEER FOLKS.

Track 3: Swamp Witch Swing Intro – Not sure exactly what the point of this is. Its a nice clarinet piece. Speeds up towards the end and got my feet tapping so that was nice. Kinda…odd by itself though. Not sure why it was seperated from Swamp Witch Swing…

Track 4: Swamp Witch Swing – Ok now this is a remake of his old Random Encounter track, Swamp Witch which I honestly am not a fan of. Lets try this song. Ok this a much more enjoyable version for me. I am digging the big band style. I caught myself again tapping my feet as I listened to it. Its also much easier to understand what the hell he is saying. This is all about Baba Yaga. Fun song, I like it. Much better then the other version, for me at least.

Track 5: Swamp Witch Swing Instrumental – Just the instrumentation of Swamp Witch Swing. Combines both the Intro and the rest of it. Nice enough, but I kinda miss the vocals honestly. I don’t think I would listen to this more then this one time. I will admit that the Intro flows RIGHT into the main part very well though. Ok I turned it off after a bit, the vocals make the song for me. This is a meh.

Track 6: Untold – This is a new one to me. I was aware of the other two in some fashion or another. But I don’t know what this is…Ok creep factor up to 11! This thing starts off spooky, and then starts to jam. Loving the flute rock (I like Jethro Tull what can I say) and then we get some Violin and damn. This is good stuff! Ahhh yis.

Track 7: Yule Lord Instrumental – Another just instruments version of a song already on here. Catchy song but again, I can’t help but hear the vocals in my head. Skipping the rest of this.

Track 8: Swamp Witch Swing Full – So this is the full version of the song, with the nice slow build of the clarinet right up into the full song.

Overall thoughts: When given a choice between the instrumental versions and the vocal versions, I choose the vocal ones. Also I don’t see why Swamp Witch Swing is put into 2 parts, cept maybe folks won’t like the slow build of the intro bit? Odd choices to me. It doesn’t ruin anything but I do find it odd. But I am definitely putting Untold, Yule Lord, and Swamp Witch Swing Full on my MP3 player. The Rhyme was nice but its not something I will listen to more then once honestly.

I give this a 4/5 for a rating. Great music, fun, and you can listen to every track on the Careless Juja Bandcamp so why not go give it a try. And hell, if ya like it, pick it up from there. Get into the Yuletide mood!

Also there is a cool little making of PDF included as well as the art created by Kaitlin Statz. So thats awesome.

Careless Juja: For Naughty Children – Album Review
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