Organized by Livid Lightning, this year I decided to dive in an participate in the “Blogger Secret Santa” event.  I want to get more into the “gaming” blogger community, work more with people and chat, and all that jazz.  Even though the vast majority of my posts on here are links to videos and podcasts.

You can view the full directory of Secret Santa posts RIGHT HERE on Livid Lightning’s blog, and I encourage you to check them all out yourself!

The premise of this was simple: Get assigned a random fellow gaming blogger, read some of their stuff, and gift them an item from the magical world of gaming and explain why you chose that.  I was given The Compulsive Gamer, who encourages everyone to Escape Reality Through Games.  I agree that the digital world is way more interesting (and honestly, less of a trash fire right now) then our own.

But what item could I give such a person?  I started checking out their website, trying to puzzle out just what one could give them.  Then it hit me, based on what I was seeing.

A Mass Effect Omnitool!  And why?

Well one major feature, a weekly one as far as I can tell, is called Mobile Monday, where The Compulsive Gamer takes a look at and reviews different mobile games.  There are a LOT of mobile games out there, and going deep into each game to give you a solid look at the basics.

One I really like (and now might have to check out) is the recent look at Soul Knight.  I can always use more portable games!

But why an Omnitool you ask?

Well first of all, the Omnitool is basically a giant super advanced cell phone.  Everyone in the ME world seems to have em, they are used for communicating and computer work.  But, because they are wrist mounted and feature holographic displays, you can much more easily I imagine play the hottest games on them in a mobile way.  This means you can much more easily collect and play all sorts of games to cover on the website!

This was a fun little exercise, and if you are into Mobile Gaming I heartily suggest checking out The Compulsive Gamer.  There is much more to the site then JUST mobile games mind you, and everything I have seen speaks of someone who has a genuine passion for gaming.  Give em a read, and Stay Nerdy!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and here is to hopefully a great 2020!

Blogger Secret Santa 2019 – A Gift for a Compulsive Gamer
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