Welcome to the Bait Shop, come right in! Don’t mind the Manticore he is harmless, I assure you. You can call him Greg. Here in the Bait Shop we have many fine wares to tickle your brain meats! What? You thought we carried such drab materials as potions or swords? BAH! What we deal in…is inspiration! Need a story? Come in and see what catches your fancy! Need a plan to deal with those dastardly adventurers? We got barrels full of em.

No, really, its starting to become a problem.

Today on offer, I present the following 10 pieces of Bait! Perhaps one will tantalize you? Entice you? Inspire you?

Oh and no charge, at least for today. Consider these a fine sample of our wares. Welcome to the Bait Shop. I hope you can hook a good one with these!

Hello everyone Terminally Nerdy here, and below you will find 10 prompts you can use for pretty much anything. Story prompts, adventure prompts, plot hooks, the works. Thanks to twitter for giving me the name Bait Shop for this sort of post. The idea here is to provide you all some inspiration for your future creations! I hope you enjoy these, and if you like any of them please let me know in the comments below, especially if you intend to use one. A few of these I have discussed in my previous “Plot Hook” series, and I will attach links to those so you can see the kinds of things you can do with a simple prompt.

The Terror of Valindale – A Child has a town held completely in their control, and no one can, or will, tell the party why this is.

Stalker of the Wood – A bandit stumbles into town bleeding, broken, and near death. Something has appeared in the nearby woods, is killing indiscriminately, and it’s moving towards the town.

The Hidden Tomb – Recently, a group of researchers went into the nearby mountains to hunt for a long lost ruin. None have returned in over a month nor has any word come in from them, and the families are looking for someone to go find them.

Godsfall – A bright light is seen in the night, crashing into a nearby wood. Upon investigation it’s not a rock, but a being. It claims to be a god, and was cursed to become mortal until it learns its “lesson” but has no other memories. It then proceeds to tag along with the party, causing havoc / mischief as it tries to come to grips with being mortal.

The City Sleeps – Upon arrival into a major city in the region, the party discovers that seemingly every single person in the city seems to have fallen asleep right where they were, and will not wake up.

The Black Carnival – Upon visiting the home of one of the players, they discover that one of their family / loved one is missing, and no one remembers them other than the player. Upon investigation, they find someone else having the same issue: a family member has vanished, and they are the only person to remember them. The only connection is a mysterious and strange carnival that had visited the town a week prior.

Splice – A Transmuter has been messing with splicing creatures together hidden away in a lab in the nearby woods. However, his “failures” are simply let loose into the woods to run free, & now they are starting to attack nearby villages. He must be stopped.

Atlantis – A great rumbling was felt in the port of Nyarl. A distant object has risen from the ocean & reports indicated its a great vast ruined city, shrouded in mist. What caused it to rise? What is in there? Is the party ready to face such unknowns?

Dancing Lights – The locals report strange lights and sounds coming from the nearby glen. But whenever they go to check, they find nothing. They seek a team of adventurers to stake out the glen and find out what in the 9 hell is going on!

The Voyage of Bloody Bones – There are strange mutterings about a ghost ship at sea, shrouded in deep fog that prevents light from entering. People say Vampires man the ship, led by a Lich named “Captain Bloody Bones”. Are the heroes up to the task of facing these vile pirates?

The Bait Shop Edition 1
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