Hello there friendo!  My name is Clay, and I am the owner of Terminally Nerdy!  If you found this, that most likely means you either came to my website by Google Search, Twitter, Twitch, or Youtube, and are curious to know more about me and how to interact with or support me.

Terminally Nerdy, first and foremost, is a Multimedia Content Brand with a focus on discussing and creating content regarding Indie Games, Non Triple A games, Books, and Narrative Driven Games.  If you are a fan of fantasy novels, games like Dead Cells or Stardew Valley, Final Fantasy, and things along those lines then you are in the right place!

I am a long time gamer and lover of stories.  Some of my earliest memories are my mother reading me the hobbit when I was around 4 years old.  I started with video games on the Atari 2600 and moved up into PC Gaming in the 90’s.  I also started with Tabletop RPGs in 1994.  Suffice to say, if there is a style of gaming I have done it, from American board games, euro games, miniature wargames, collectible card games, video games on pc and console, and of course tabletop RPGs like DND.  I also read, voraciously.

My goal with this whole brand is to give me a space to talk about the things I love in the way that I enjoy doing so.  For me, that’s expericing or sharing a great story or finding a hidden gem.  Mostly what you will find are indepth written reviews of narrative driven games, or quick first impression videos on Indie games, as well as indepth book reviews.  You will also occasionally find written stuff about the trials and struggle of being a creative person in today’s world and the things you might deal with and other personal things.

Eventually I hope to make this my full time job, but for now, I still work a day job in addition to everything I do here.  If you like my writings and want more, then there are a variety of options available to you to consume my work and support it as well!  Below are a list of my pertinent links and sites where you can find me, along with details about them as needed.

  • Youtube: Beyond my website, my primary content creation repository.  We got Lets Plays, Full reviews, and First Impression vids along with the occasional VLog.
  • Patreon: If you want to support me directly every month, this is the way to do so. There are a variety of rewards available to those who choose to give even as little as $1 a month, with more interesting stuff the higher ya go!
  • KoFi: I primarily use this as a Fundraiser for specific goals, but if you just want to give me a quick tip this is the best option for that.  I appreciate it.
  • TeePublic:  I have a storefront with TeePublic where you can purchase both Terminally Nerdy merch and other curated items chosen by me.  Purchasing something from an artist other than myself will give them cash as well as a small amount to me, so you can support 2 folks in one!
  • Facebook: Everyone has to have a Facebook fan page, so here is mine, if you are into using that.  If you want to make sure you don’t miss a blog post or stream, this is one of the places to follow.
  • Twitter: I am much more active on twitter, and post there more often than not.  If you want to follow me there to stay notified with my streams, videos, written posts, and sometimes even little bursts of inspiration and cool stuff that I find, this is where to be.
  • Steam Group: Wanna chat with your fellow Terminally Nerdy PC Gamers and Fans?  Wanna setup games with each other, or see what I am working on real time?  This is where you can go and see all that.
  • Steam Curator: Every Steam Game I play will end up reviewed on this curator eventually, and if you want quick concise and bite sized reviews make sure to follow my Curator page.  Also, if I do a full review, a link will appear with the curator review.
  • Discord: Finally there is my fan discord, open to the public with a ton of folks from all walks of life hanging out, discussing all sorts of things, and helping each other.  I am in there, constantly watching….waiting….

As you can clearly see I am all over place, and I hope you can find something that I am doing that you enjoy.  Finally, if you need to reach me for a business inquiry or for any private matter, my email is terminallynerdy@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading this, supporting me, and always remember to treat each other kindly and most importantly Stay Nerdy my friends!