Hello everyone! I figured I would sit down and post here on my blog my current and future plans for Terminally Nerdy. You all might have seen my Patreon post (it was public) going over things a bit but I wanted to go more in detail about what is coming up and why I am doing all this.

First, you all need to understand I suffer ADHD, or Attention Deficiet Hyperactivity Disorder. In my case, its a chemical imbalance in my brain that effects my attention span and my focus along with my short term memory. I was diagnosed back in 1987 (roughly) before “EVERYONE” had ADD. I was on Ritalin until 1999 when I took myself off of it due to the horrible mood swings and anger it caused me as a side effect. For those unaware, Ritalin is Amphetamines. Its Speed. Literally. Thats why its a controlled substance, and why people back in the day tried to get it to get high. People with chemical ADHD like me, according to studies, are uneffected by drugs in that class the way others are. Has something to do with receptors in my brain or something.

Suffice to say, my attention and focus wander frequently. I describe it as “Living in a Room full of Butterflies. My thoughts flutter, and whichever one lands on my table in my head is what my brain wants to deal with”. XKCD did a comic once showing thoughts as Balloons, and I have also heard it described as a room full of fluttering sticky notes that pop on and off the inner walls of the brain. Basically, I can’t force myself to deal with things if my brain just doesn’t want to. In fact, attempting to do so cause me actual mental stress, and can cause MASSIVE amounts of frustration.

In fact, the only reason Terminally Nerdy as a “thing” still exists is because I shift my focus so often. From Tabletop RPGs, to Video Game reviews, to Streams, to Twitter, and back again, because I have so many outlets available to me I am able to stay “focused” on the broader Terminally Nerdy Brand (I hate that phrase, by the way)

I did go over this briefly on Twitter a few weeks ago as well so that might be old news to some of you. But that is the part of the reason why it might seem like I have shifted my focus around. Because, frankly, I have. Its what my brain wants to do at the moment.

Additionally, work has been extra stressful for me as of late, with a lot of changes and things going on that make it much worse on me. I still have my wonderful 55-60 hour work week (and I still only get paid for 40 hours, thanks commute!) and thus still have limited free time, but now the actual job has become much more of a stress inducer. This causes me to have less drive I suppose you could say. Streaming video games like I have these past few weeks has been a way to both Destress (gaming relaxes me) and provide some content.

For those who want to know, I stream at twitch.tv/terminallynerdy and its generally on Saturdays & Sundays, from 10am EST till 2pm EST or so. The end time varies. However I recognize that not everyone LIKES Video Games!

So here is my plan going forward, schedule wise.

Firstly, my Weekends will be as follows (assuming my wife is working, if she is off work she gets priority):

Saturday – A “Clay” Day or Work Day. This will be me either prepping for upcoming Tabletop Games (see below), reading/writing for Terminally Nerdy the Website, recording a Youtube Video, Streaming a Game of some sort, or just taking a day to relax and recharge. Basically I am giving myself one day a week to just take care of business.

Sunday – A Stream day. I will stream something in the mornings on Sunday. Generally starting at 10am EST and running till 2pm EST. This could be a video game I am working on to review, an RPG I just wanna share, or even a Tabletop RPG One Shot.

Now, one of my Patron rewards, which I admit I have been slacking on, is Patreon One Shots. I have done a couple, but I keep pushing em off. No more. My Patrons will be getting a One Shot at least every 2 months, using the Savage Worlds ruleset. They (my patrons) know my plans, and I hope to have the first one ready by End of October.  These will be streamed publicly on Twitch in my Morning Slot on either Saturday or Sunday depending on my schedule. They will be using the Herald: Lovecraft and Tesla setting created by Ravendesk Games and will be titled “The Order of the Raven”.  If you want to become a Patron, you can visit my Patreon here to learn more.

Additionally, I will soon have an Evening, Once a Month live stream, of PUGMIRE! This will be a Tabletop RPG Campaign featuring my wife, Saevrick, Walking Virus Gaming, MK, and Kraven Gaming. Pugmire, for those unaware, is a variant of DND 5E but instead of traditional fantasy races, you play as Anthropomorphic Dogs (or Cats if you got Monarchies of Mau). This will run once a Month on a Saturday Night, from 530pm EST till about 830pm EST. Yes, I will be GMing a game, that you can watch, at the twitch channel above.

Finally, I intend to have at least one blog post or youtube video posted every month. Preferrably every 2 weeks but I need time to get my head on straight and not go completely mad from stress ya know. My health, both physical and mental, demands I take some time off for me.

So those are the plans for now. But as we always know, plans change, things change, and life changes.

I am currently working on Rune Factory 4 for the Nintendo 2DS/3DS systems, so that is a review that will be on the way. I am also streaming Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning, which will be reviewed down the road as well. After Amalur I might do Dragon Age Inquisition OR Divinity Original Sin 1 EE (I just picked that up on Sale today!).

So basically more streaming content, still more blog posts, still more stuff in general. Its just gonna be a little random as to what I do. Also I will most likely NOT be taking anything new to review until I catch up on my backlog. I just have to…get my brain to be interested in DOING that.

Also, quick update for my Gen Con 2019 plans: I am at 60% funded, which means I have $800 more to go before I am fully funded for Gen Con. Thats kind of unreal when you think about it really. Of course, in 13 days my personal challenge of being fully funded by End of September will be over, and that means that unless I get the remaining $800 / 40% in 13 days, I will not have to run 2 public Savage Worlds games at Gen Con. If you want to donate to my fund, you can visit my KoFi.

Pretty sure that won’t be happening hehe.

Anyway, thanks for reading, let me know in the comments if any of this catches your fancy, and remember to Stay Nerdy everyone!

A Terminally Nerdy Update
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