TN’s Indie Impressions – Valdis Story: Abyssal City

Ever wanted to be a JRPG hero in a world of Angels, Demons, and Underwater Secrets? How bout a dude wielding a big fuck you sword? No I am not referring to Final Fantasy Seven but rather the clearly Symphony of the Night inspired Metroidvania Valid Story: Abyssal City.

The title is way too long if you ask me.

Valdis Story Abyssal City on Steam:

TN’s Indie Impressions – Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

I am frequently tired of “save the world” plots in games. Don’t get me wrong, its nice to be the hero in fantasy, but sometimes you want a more personal story. A story about people, trying to learn about themselves and grow. Sure, you might save some people along the way, solve some issues, retake a throne or two, but at the end of the day, its about the journey, not the destination.

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is such a game. A story of a king and queen, removed and exiled from their kingdom on their wedding day, and the journey they take to both learn about themselves and each other, and to retake their rightful throne.

Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan on Steam:

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The Terminally Nerdy Podcast #8 – A Blizzard of Exiles & Monsters

A long podcast this time around!  No fancy info or title this time either.  Just a discussion on Blizzcon, Path of Exile’s upcoming stuff, and a bit of Pokemon Sword and Shield.  I just go hog wild on these topics, a bit more then I might have intended point of fact.
  • What have I been up to?  Stress, thats what!
  • Blizzcon Thoughts
  • Path of Exile’s upcoming League, EndGame Story Changes, and 4.0 Expansion
  • Pokemon Sword 1st Impressions
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Path of Exile: Conquerors of the Atlas is changing the End Game (For the Better)

It’s been a bit since I spoke or wrote about Path of Exile. On my podcast I am going to go into the concept of Conquerors briefly, but I wanted to take a moment to discuss what it’s doing, and how big of a deal this is (At least to me) and what this potentially might mean for casual players like me.

First, let’s show off the official trailer:

Now, when I first saw this I was confused as to how this would interact with the current endgame Map / Atlas system. Right now, when you finish Act 10 you meet up with Zana, who asks for your help mapping out the Atlas of Worlds, finding the Shaper of Worlds and the Elder. The big eventual goal of the game (if you are good enough to manage it) is to face the Uber Elder fight, where you fight Shaper and Elder at the same time. Only the best players tend to make it this far, as it requires a massive amount of grinding. Hell, even facing Shaper alone requires a ton, as he sits in the dead center of the Atlas, and its RNG gated to a point on getting to him (Dependent on map drops and trading maps). Elder is a little easier as there are white, yellow, and red versions of him you can do.

Sadly, I have never personally faced either. I have managed to get to Red maps a few times, but my RNG is always poor when it comes to Elder spawns and map drops, and I am too busy to ever grind out to face these foes.

However, with the upcoming Conquerors of the Atlas expansion all of this is changing, in a very massive way. And this is not the first time Grinding Gear Games has done something like this. Originally, the Maps ended with JUST the Shaper fight. Then, in War of the Atlas they ADDED Elder and the entire end storyline changed to reflect it.

But now?

Now Elder and Shaper are going away (mostly). You will still be able to face these foes if you so desire, but they are no longer the focus. In fact, the timeline has, in effect, advanced.

Turns out, if you watch that trailer, that our “exiles” have sorta kinda gone mad from diving into the Atlas in search of loot and power. 5 Exiles specifically (which apparently will be built to copy meta builds from POE’s history) got so power mad and corrupted that Zana collapsed the Atlas of Worlds and trapped them inside. This was AFTER they helped her defeat both the Shaper and Elder.

And now they have found a way out, and they want revenge.

You can see in this forum post the exact changes coming but its a lot.

The High Points:

  • We no longer start in one of the corners, but the center.
  • The Atlas is divided into 8 Regions
  • All maps in a region will be the same tier at all times
  • By defeating a Conqueror we will get a Watchstone
  • Conquerors will appear in Strongholds in a region as part of the progression
  • Socketing a Watchstone in a region will increase the tier of ALL maps in that region up to max tier
  • Socketing a Watchstone will ALSO reveal more maps
  • We can repeatedly kill Conquerors for their Watchstones to upgrade all 8 regions
  • Sextants will now apply to a Watchstone, and effect the WHOLE REGION and not a radius

These are huge deals. The fact that as a casual player I might actually encounter a Conqueror early on means I can experience the boss fights that are a big part of endgame. Further, having ALL maps upgraded means if you got a few favs you can just focus on those without feeling like you are not progressing far.

The sextants change is also great. I also had issues making the most of em as a casual player, because my map pool was always thin. Having them apply to an entire group of maps makes it much easier while still allow for customization of the endgame experience.

Also I love the fact that our loot hungry exiles repeatedly doing Maps is now the canon reason we have gone mad with power and our new exiles have to go take em down. The timeline will obviously make more sense come Path of Exile 2, which advances the overall timeline by 20 years.

I am very much excited about these changes, and the new league accompanying them (Metamorph), and am looking forward to the update which goes live on 12/13/19 (both Conquerors and Metamorph)

Kassandra’s Journal – Entry 3

Authors Note: Please be aware these are in character journal entries, from the perspective of my main character in the CRPG Pathfinder Kingmaker.  As such, they will contain story spoilers because these are her thoughts on the events as they occur.  You have been warned.

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TN’s Indie Impressions – Omensight

The end of the world is coming. The great void wurm, Voden, has been unleashed. The Godless Priestess has been murdered in cold blood and her existence was all that stopped Voden from coming.
You are the Harbinger. Your coming signals the worlds end. But your job? Preventing it. Can you solve the mystery surrounding the murder of the Godless Priestess and prevent Vodens coming? Are you a bad enough lady to save Vera’s soul?
This is Omensight, by Spearhead Games, and its fantastic.

TN’s Indie Impressions – Sparklite

Full disclosure, I got a key for this from Evolved PR. Additionally, I had been waiting for Sparklite to come out since I saw early GIFs on it on /r/indiegaming.

Sparklite is an Action RPG Roguelike created by Red Blue games, and published by Merge Games. In this you play a young mechanic named Ada, accompanied by a robo friend as you try to help save the world by defeating the 5 Titans of Industry and their evil Baron. Was this game worth my hype leading up to it? Well, lets find out.

Sparklite on Steam:
Sparklite on Switch:

Also thanks to Evolve PR, I was able to ask the Developers of Sparklite a few questions.  Here are my questions their responses:

Me: What are some features you wish you could have added to it that you did not have time for?

Red Blue Games: I love this question. Cutting features is one of the hardest things to do. We had a cool NPC planned that would send you a photo of a location in the world with hidden buried treasure. You’d have to match that photo with where it is in the game world to find the treasure. There are so many little things like that. As for major features, we had second phases for bosses planned but did the first phase first and realized that it would just take too much time to put in a second phase for everyone

Me: What are some features that were added that you did not expect to originally implement?

Red Blue Games: The coolest example of this is the robot companion’s role. Originally all of the gadgets were controlled by Ada. But one of our level designers suggested that some of those things could be done by the robot. We had our artist Rafael do some mockups and it was just so cool to see the robot with his own set of tools to use. So we were able to fairly cleanly repurpose some gadgets as Wingut gadgets which also gave the second player a lot more to do than we originally expected.

Me: Any plans for post-launch support in the way of DLC or Free updates?

Red Blue Games: We’d love to shoot for a content patch soon, but it largely depends on the reception of the game. In the meantime, we’re hanging tight during launch to see if we need to address any hotfixes or UX improvements for things that our players might find unintuitive, but over the course of development, we’ve had a lot of ideas for features that would make for great content updates, so hopefully we’ll get a chance to make them happen.

Me: What games did you draw inspiration from for this title? Visually, mechanically, or thematically?

Red Blue Games: Visually: SNES games in general were a huge inspiration. One of our early artists quotes Secret of Mana as his favorite game and people say they get a ton of those vibes from our art. But we also didn’t want to be totally retro so we break plenty of rules regarding our color palettes, particle effects, and even motion blur on the camera.

Mechanically: Well Bastion was a big influence for top-down combat, though we decided not to do any z-targeting. SNES gameplay was great at the time and still has its place but we didn’t draw a ton from those on gameplay mechanics since we wanted to feel more modern.
Thematically: Well Zelda has to be mentioned at some point in this list. The themes of adventure, exploration, and the whimsical tone all are inspired by Zelda. But the game world itself is worth its own explanation too. We wanted the world of Geodia to also serve as a commentary on real life that would help shape people’s opinions. Maybe that comes from pressures from our family to be doctors instead of gamedevs haha. But we do hope that some of the celebration of science and caution against greed will resonate with players.
Me: What is your favorite creature or boss in the game and why?
Red Blue Games: My favorite boss is Timbert, who’s the Boss in the forest. He was the first we developed and he just set a great bar for the other bosses. I think his gameplay is solid and I love his personality – he’s so mad at his machine malfunctioning!
Me: How long do you expect a normal playthrough to take?
Red Blue Games: We’re getting reports of 12-15 hours or so, and we expect that to vary some based on player skill level. We have additional content for completionists that should take longer than that (getting all of the Beats, for example), and we’d like to do more to highlight the completionist aspects of the game in the future.

Kassandra’s Journal – Entry 2

Authors Note: Please be aware these are in character journal entries, from the perspective of my main character in the CRPG Pathfinder Kingmaker.  As such, they will contain story spoilers because these are her thoughts on the events as they occur.  You have been warned.  Also this entry is very long as I accomplished quite a bit in my last stream (which these journals as based on) so please be aware of that.  Kassandra had a lot to talk about after all!

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A Nerdy Moment With: The Outer Worlds (A Review)

Is Obsidian’s new title The Outer Worlds just Fallout New Vegas in space? Or is it something more. Today I bring to you a moment with The Outer Worlds, and my thoughts on it after my 25 hour journey with Parvati and Felix has been completed. Is the Halcyon system the same after I got through with it? Is capitalism still running rampant over everything?

Is there hope for the future? Lets find out!

Buy the Outer Worlds on Green Man Gaming –

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Be aware if you get Xbox Game Pass for PC, the Outer Worlds is INCLUDED!

TN’s Indie Impressions – Daemon X Machina

Heavy Metal Action. Thats what Daemon X Machina is all about. Being a big stompy robot, shooting other big stompy robots, and doing it to some killer metal music. Best played in short bursts if you ask me, but the real question is this: Are you a metal enough person to save the Earth from an invasion from the Immortals?!

Daemon X Machina on Switch:

And always remember…STAY NERDY!