Wombo’s Guide to Combos: A Review

Hello my faithful readers!  Considering that at the time of writing and posting this I am working on judging the entries in the first ever “DMs Adventure Jam” I decided to do a review of something fairly light and fluffy.

Recently I was sent this PDF on the DMs Guild from the creators, who also run a podcast, called DnD Character Lab.

What we have here is a collection of 27 “Combo Actions” that you can use in game to allow players to team up for special moves.  They have rules for how these actions function, as well as quite the selection of varied attacks.

First, the general idea here is that in order for the players to use one of these combo moves, they have to fulfill certain conditions.  Let’s look at one of the moves and break down how it works.

Now if you read X-Men you might recognize where the inspiration for this move comes from.  First, you have a Combo’s name, then the 2 “Participants” required to activate it. There are always 2 characters required.  In this case, it’s a Barbarian and a Rogue. But it could be something like a Cleric, and someone who has the Command spell. Or someone with a strength score of 16 and a second with 16.  There is a variety of options available.

Next you have the action time, many of which are the 1 action.  Then Range, which as we can see here is 30ft (this is the range of the action NOT the distance the two players must be within, in most cases they need to be adjacent).  Then the rules to activate the ability. Both players must do some sort of Ability Check, Save, Attack Roll, ect. If EITHER player fails their check, the Failure action takes place.  If both succeed, then the success action.

And of course we also have flavor text.  I love these bits by the way.

Now to actually use this actions it’s a bit more complicated.  First, the person at the highest initiative has to declare that the action will be taken.  It does not complete or trigger till the person at the lowest initiative takes their turn. Both participants must of course succeed at their rolls to trigger it.  Finally, the characters may still move or use their bonus action as long as the combo does not require those things.

These actions will add a ton of variety but also complexity to your game if used and they are certainly not for new players.  In fact, many of them are borderline “broken” in some fashion.  Others are just extremely powerful, which makes a sort of sense given that it takes two players to pull them off.  Just be aware, and use these combos at your own peril and be ready for the chaos they can add to your game if you get this.

Formatting wise the PDF is easy to read. The “writer” of the PDF also has asides and such (the aforementioned Wombo) which had me giggling each time I read them.  I do admit that some of the “Participant” parts make little sense, like one needing “A monk and a Bludgeoning Weapon”. This means that the first person has to be a Monk, and the second person has to have a Bludgeoning Weapon, but it kinda makes it sound like the Monk needs the Weapon, which is silly.  I think it would have been better if it was something like “Participant 1: Monk” and “Participant 2: Character with a Bludgeoning Weapon” to show its 2 unique people clearly.

Overall, I like what is presented here but it is NOT for everyone.  If you are trying to run a balanced game, do not under any circumstances use these combos.  Several of them can borderline break your game and allow your players to cause extreme levels of damage and havoc.  If however you don’t mind a bit of gonzo cheese, and don’t mind your players going full hog and wrecking stuff, this is the perfect addition for you.  Every combo is flavorful, fun, and while they are a bit complex to get working, allow for a variety of “Rule of Cool” moments.

You can purchase the PDF on the DMs Guild right here, and it’s cheap enough ($2) that you may want to pick it up just to see how it is.

Oh and the art is pretty damn spot on.  Here is the art for the Fastball Special above.

Thanks for reading, and remember, Stay Nerdy Folks!

Worldbuilding: The Blink & What Came After

The Blink (A Short Story)

“Grandpa, Grandpa! Tell us the story of the Blink again!” The small elf looked up at the aged figure on the dias, sitting quietly in his chair. The older elf, his hair silver with age, smiled slightly and leaned down to the two elf babes at his feet.

“Are you sure you want to hear that story again?” He grinned a bit wider, knowing the answer.
The second child scootched closer and nodded.

“Long ago,” the old one began “our people, and many others, lived in another land. We all called it by different names, we all had our own legends of how the world got started. We Wood Elves for example believed that we were born of a great World Tree. The humans, that the gods themselves birthed them. The dwarves, that the stone and earth was their mother, and so on and so forth.” He paused to take a drink before continuing.

“We races lived in relative peace with each other. Of course, there were evils in the land. Demons, Devils, Dragons, Orc Raiders, and more, but each of us fought these evils with the help of valiant heroes! Heroes who explored our old lands and saved us from great peril time and time again.” At this the elven children smiled. They knew they wanted to be heroes one day, exploring their new home and saving their people.

“However, all this changed the day of the Blink. None of us knew what happened exactly. One minute, we were living our lives in our homes, tending the forest we had called ours for generations, eons, and then the next minute there was a thunderous blast, a bright blinding white light, and suddenly we found ourselves…in another place.” He motioned at this moment to the view outside his window in his room, to the large structures of stone, and metal, and glass that rose up around them. To the strange box like metal things on the grounds below them in their tree.

“It has been nearly 200 years since the Blink. We know more about where we are now, but less about how we arrived children. We know that this place was once the home of people who called themselves ‘Americans’ and that they called this city ‘Ne Yok’ and this place where our great Tree Palace landed a sort of ‘Cenpark’. Whatever that means. We have also found that many of the races, the dwarves, humans, tieflings, dragonborn, orcs, and more came here as well, entire cities and towns and landmasses being sent to whatever this world is. This land that is so green, untamed, and still very dangerous. Perhaps, one day, you will be the heroes we need my children…”

The children looked at each other excitedly. They both wanted to be heroes so very much. The old elf smiled gently down at them, and then called over his assistant. “Mython, can you please take my grandchildren out to the garden? It is time for me to call the court to order.”

And with that the old elven king, known as Oberyn, stood and walked to his throne room to begin yet another day of court in his peoples new home of Ne Yok.

The Blink is a little story I wrote to help myself visualize what it might be like for a race to be transported from one world to another. I am starting to design a “high level” look at a world that was once our own, but after an unknown apocalypse was laid barren. It has been regrowing slowly over time, but around 200 years before the players will be added to the world, another world had a similar problem. Here is the background of how the world go to where it is:

A Mad Wizard known as Halgrin decided for some reason that his world was in danger of being destroyed. In his mad fear fueled mind, he decided the only way to save his world was to transplant the people to another one. He did very little research on where he was going to send them, and told no one. Instead, he performed a massive spell of increadible power that took entire chunks of land, with all living things and buildings on them, and hurled these into another place. Civilizations were torn apart, monsters and bizarre creatures and races hurled to a new world.

They ended up here, on an Earth that had been devoid of sentient life. In the process, the magical energies of these landmasses appearing across the globe caused some mutations in existing creatures as well as robotics to come back to life, with a magical sentience all their own. The seemed to be focused on old theme parks and only a few of these robots gained sentience. These beings became the creators of the Animaforged race, a race of sentient robots that can build new versions of themselves. The Elders, as they call themselves, are connected across the globe magically to each other, and are highly secretive. They know about the Time Before from their data banks, and only the Elders have the ability to access these old networks. New Animaforged are free to go their own way.

This magical surge is why there may be new sentient races (such as some Frog People I aim to create who come from the Everglades, and the Animaforged) exist, as well as strange creatures not seen by the new inhabitants.

In the 200 years since the Blink the races have settled into their new lands and founded new kingdoms. The players will be starting in a region known as the “Southlands”, in a kindgom called Lorid, ruled by Animaforged in the region of Orlan and the city of Diny. The areas surrounding most of these kingdoms are unexplored and unsettled as again its only been 200 years since this all started.

This is the basis of my new world. I don’t have a name for it yet. But I wanted to have an idea of how the world became the way it is while also explaining how the fantasy races and monsters got there. Traditionally, when I world build I think high level (or Macro) first to come up with a large scale basis for everything. I dont really dig deep into things, such as the Kingdom of Elves I mention in that story, but rather after I have a general overview of the world as a whole I pick a smaller region and start building it out. In this case, since its an Earth ruined by “something” I intended to start in my own home town.

Should be fun ruining it, having nature retake entire swaths of it, and creating some unique adventures for the players to experience. And if this article seems kind of all over the place, well, thats just how my brain functions when thinking about world building. It goes all over the place, creating new ideas based on things I just thought about. So pardon my dust as it were.

I just wanted to share a little bit about this project, this world, that has no name but I want to build upon. Thanks for reading and remember, STAY NERDY!

Mythic Mint Prop Coins: A Preview

Hello lovely readers!  Today I bring you a small preview of a new Tabletop RPG and Live Action RPG Prop Item: Mythic Mint Coins.

I was contacted by these fine folks asking if I was interested in taking a look at some sample coins prior to their Kickstarter, which from what I understand will be coming soonish (April I think).  If you are reading this AFTER it goes live, well, then you are clearly from the future to me and know much more than I do.

What Mythic Mint intends to do is provide copper, silver, and gold prop coins for both Tabletop and Live Action roleplayers to use as props, similar to what Campaign Coins does currently.  What they sent me were samples of their silver coins.  Here is the best picture I could get of them:

Now, based on these samples I can tell you that these are solid quality metal coins.  They have a nice feel to them and are not super heavy. One side, as seen above, has a stylized cross / star like symbol while the other has a bow / arrow combo.  They are kind of small for what I expected, a bit around the since of a Nickel in diameter but nearer to a dime in thickness (these are american coins for my non american readers).

From what they have told me, the coins will be available in the following styles and sizes:

  • The copper coins will be ~25mm diameter and ~1.75mm thickness. They are made from copper plated steel which gives a shiny copper red colour coin. Some of the main design elements are a hammer and a comet.
  • The silver coins are ~23mm diameter and ~2mm thickness. They are made from nickel plated steel resulting in a beautiful shiny silver colour coin. Some of the main design elements are a bow and arrow and stars.  These are what I have.
  • The gold coins will be ~21mm diameter and ~2.25 mm thickness. They are made from brass plated steel which gives a shiny gold colour coin. Some of the main design elements are a sword and the sun.

Thats a pretty decent mix honestly and if the copper and gold are anywhere near as decent in quality as my silver ones then they should be stellar.

Price wise they have not exactly come down on a standard price as the Kickstarters success or failure will have an effect on it, but the rough numbers they gave me indicate a “Set” which is 25 Silver, Copper, and Gold coins (each, so 75 coins total) will run roughly $35, which includes UK Postage.  US postage will be an extra $12, so $47 for 75 total coins. International shipping gives me a headache. Now that cost is approximate, as buying in bulk via the kickstarter will decrease the cost overall ect ect. Basically, a buck a coin isn’t too bad a value. If we go by the Campaign Coin Starter Sets (the closest thing to these) we are looking at 50 coins for $40 USD.  So you actually get a better value here overall if you just need coins in general.

Personally however, I have little to no use for props as I play online.  My props consist generally of JPEG / PNG images, cool tokens, and that’s about it.  Maybe in the future when I play at Cons or guest on someones podcast or something in person I would have a use for these.

And I can think of uses.  First and foremost, for general 5E D&D Games you can easily use these coins as inspiration, or as a prop to indicate foreign currency.  Perhaps with some “scuffing” you can make them look old and beat up for treasure. If you are a Live Action Roleplayer however these are MUCH more useful!  If you run a fantasy LARP as a company you could get these sort of coins in bulk and use them as prop money for your games, which would be a really fun way to spice it up.  Cosplayers might also have a use for these if they are playing a character who needs to “trade” or something.

Overall I like what I see with these coins, and the ones I personally have are now added to my “token” collection for when I need to use Bennies (a Savage World thing) or Inspiration in my games.  If you are interested in possibly getting some of these you can find the folks of Mythic Mint at the following locations. Use these links to keep tabs on when the Kickstarter goes live as well as where to purchase the coins should you be interested.

Thanks for reading, and remember, Stay Nerdy!

Oh and the note they sent me was awesome.  It was actually wax sealed and had the nicest message on the inside of it, saying they love my content.  Totally saving that! Thanks guy!

What is Success and Happiness: The Question Has No Easy Answer

A recent Tweet Thread got me thinking today about Success, Happiness, and what they mean to each of us.

First, lets me be frank. What success means to a person, what happiness means to a person, is always going to be individual to that person. You might be happy making 40k a year, going out with your friends and raising a family. You might consider that successful.

Someone else might find that life horrible for whatever reason, and wonder how you could be happy in that.

Success, by a large, is a personal thing. For some, success IS being happy with where you are in life. For others, success might be getting that next promotion at work. It might be getting noticed for your art online. It might be getting that part in that play or tv show or podcast.

It could be anything.

And its all valid.

No one can tell you what success means but yourself. No one can tell you what happiness means but you. Would you be happy winning the lottery? I don’t know. I would be, personally. It would solve so many of my problems in an instant. Would you be happy staying right where you are? Possibly! Would having kids make you happy? Would that be a success for you?

These are things you have to ask yourself. I ask these questions of myself pretty much constantly.

People, for example, like to point out that I have “succeeded” because Matt Mercer follows me, or that I have 3800 twitter followers, or whatever other reasons people like to tell me. But thats not really success to me, personally. I am not even sure what I would consider success because, frankly, I don’t know what my goals really are. I know I want to help people. I know I enjoy writing and talking about this magical hobby that has been a part of my life since I was a kid. But is that success? Not sure….

I have been doing this DND thing between writing and Youtube for nearly 2 years now. I even tweeted about that today , showing the very first video I did on my channel (that was not the introduction vid) which was posted August 2016. I have never stuck with a project this long, not once.

For some, I am successful. To me? I dont know yet. Its a question I ask myself every day. What does success MEAN to me? I don’t have an answer. I am not sure I ever will.

I do know that one thing that makes me happy (but not successful) is seeing my friends and my fans succeed. I share in their joy, and their wins, and their happiness. Is that enough for me at the end of the day?

Perhaps it is.

I don’t consider the question of “success” to be something with a simple answer. The grass is always greener and so one and so forth. There is always room for improvement, for growth, for learning. And even if you “make it”, there will always be another hill to climb.

Success is personal.

I want you, reader, to feel that success. To feel that happiness. If no one else out there will tell you that, let me be the one to say it.

You will succeed, whatever that means for you. I believe in you. And I want to see you soar!

Thanks for reading, and Stay Nerdy everyone.

Lasers and Liches: The Retroverse Preview

WRITERS NOTE – I have been informed that this is only Test Wave 1.  There are actually MORE Classes, monsters, ect for the Retroverse and this is only a sampling.  So if you like what you see here, there is even MORE to come!

Greetings gentle readers!  Today, I bring to you a preview of the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons 5E Campaign Setting / System variant, the Retroverse.  Thank you very much to Chris, aka “Snickelsox” on twitter for giving me first access to this bad boy.

Now what we are looking at today specifically is the Test Wave 1 document.  It’s basically a complete book, but will be tested so things that I discuss may change from here to release.  Further, the Kickstarter for the book will be happening come April so if you are interested you will want to follow either Snickelsox (The Writer), Lluis the Artbarian (The Artist), or their official site “Lasers and Liches”. I will also not be discussing mechanics OR going in depth.  This is a preview, after all.

First let’s start with the general theme.  This is the 80’s in Dungeons and Dragons form.  It’s insane, its hilarious, its over the top, and it’s amazing.  The potential is here for all sorts of shenanigans. Its not going to be for everyone.  The setting details, monsters, and classes all lend themselves very much towards silly gaming rather then serious.  I mean, there are PIZZA CUBES for god sakes!

The best thing I could point you to, to get an idea of what the inspiration of this setting seems to be would either be KUNG FURY or really any cartoon from the 80’s like Dinosaucers.  Yes this is a real thing that exists.  And its as amazing as it sounds. Hell there is even some Power Rangers inspiration in here with a class.

And let’s talk about the races and classes for a minute.  First we have all the standard DND Races and Classes available with one modification, to the Dragonborn.  That modification by the way is what colors you have available. Rather then going with the standard Metallic or Chromatic colors (Red, Bronze, ect), you have four unique options: Neon, Laser, Xenon, and Tesla.  And they are as hilariously epic as they sound.

Additionally, we have two unique races: The Cerans and the Wo’nari.  The Wo’nari are best described as beast people, similar to furred bipedal dogs.  They have a couple of subraces and are fairly interesting. To me the most interesting part is they are a short lived race, only living to about 60 and generally dying younger, so they have adapted a lifestyle of very laser focused driven personalities.  

The Cerans are Dinosaucers.  No, really. They are bipedal dinosaurs.  This is a picture straight from the book of one.  You look at that pretty dino and tell me thats not a Dinosaucer.  Well an asian styled Dinosaucer, even a Geisha maybe. But I digress.

Again, the Ceran’s have a few subrace options and are generally described as highly intelligent long lived creatures that many of the other races assume to be dumb, and because of their size tend to fear and hate them.

They also tend to live as outcasts, which is interesting.

Next up lets discuss the classes.  Again, all the standard Dungeons and Dragons classes are implicitly allowed, and in addition you have four new class options to choose from.

These classes are the Synthweaver, the Holo-Knight, the De-Fragger, and the Goreangyr.  I will discuss the Synthweaver last.

The Holo Knight is a almost fighter/mage styled character.  Their signature ability is being able to manifest holographic weapons and eventually armor from nothing.  Essentially you can never disarm a Holo Knight. Further, they have some spellcasting ability. If you want to play a mage knight this is the class for you.

The De-Fragger is almost like a Retroverse specific Paladin or Cleric, and to explain why I need to bring up a unique thing to the Retroverse: Corruption.  Apparently, the very nature of the world and its Synth 80’s vibes can corrupt things, giving them actual digital like corruption effects. There is a huge table of effects and rules for how you can be corrupted which I will not go over here.  The De-Fragger is basically a tank who specializes in fighting Corruption, and also has 2 extra arms they can manifest temporarily. They again, have spells thematic to their role and are pretty awesome. Who doesn’t want 2 extra arms?

Next we have the Goreangyr.  Its a Power Ranger. No, really.  The Goreangyr is literally a power ranger.  You start with an item that you use to morph into your Goreangyr form, you have Xord, the whole nine yards.  You can enter your Xord and wear it like a mech suit, ect. I adore this class and would play it in a freaking heartbeat.  Also, as a side note? Putties are in the bestiary in this book. Because if you got Power Rangers, you gotta have Putties.

Finally we have the Synthweaver, which was the class I was most interested in thematically.  And sadly the most disappointed by. Reading over this class made me thing of one thing: Its a variant bard.  Its first ability is a direct lift almost of Bardic Inspiration, the spell list feels like a bard spell list, ect.  

I honestly could have seen this class be made into a Bard College and it would have been fine.  There are some unique bits to it but overall it just felt like a Bard. I mean, yes, you get roller blades and play Keytars but it’s still just a Bard variant to me.  I do like the art though. So Metal.

After classes there are a few backgrounds, pretty decent stuff.  Mercenary, Rebel, Prodigy, and the most unique one of all, the Player.

The Player background is literally the “guy sucked into another world” background and its hilarious.

From there we go into rules about Corruption, as well as Shiny Variants (yes he added Shiny Variants from Pokemon), and some custom Critical Fail and Success rules, which I am personally not a fan of.  I always use my own rules for crits anyway. It’s nice to have for those who want something concrete but its not really needed in my eyes.

Next up is spells and spell lists, which are organized so that it uses both a mix of custom new spells plus old ones from the PHB and so forth.  The spells are clearly marked as well. In fact, throughout the book anything highlighted in RED is something from the Open Gaming License and is not reprinted in this book.  The spell lists have at least 1 unique spell for each level. One of my favorites is Wub Blast, a synth weaver cantrip. It reminds me of the Dupstep gun from Saints Row 4.

Chapter 6 of the book is a secret.  I will not speak of it. It’s a surprise, and it’s pretty damn cool.  And fits the entire theme of hilarious 80’s nonsense. Actually I will tell you one thing: Its a starter adventure and it involves Cheese.  Both actual and metaphysical.

Finally we have Monsters, Items and Gods.  The monsters and items again are thematically appropriate.  My favorite monster is the Karma Chameleon. Red gold and greeeeeen.  Red gold and greeeeeeeen!

The gods are fascinating as well.  I am always a fan of interesting theologies and this one has got some wild stuff in it like Cy-Net the LE Voice of the Machines (of course its Cy-Net).  Or the Innumerable, gotta serve em all. Its symbol is a red and white ball. I wonder why….

Overall I am really excited to see where this goes and how people playtest it.  The classes, other than the Synthweaver for me, all feel interesting and unique and I love the races.  The monsters are “cheesy” in just the right way and the gods are fairly unique and fun nods to various pop culture icons.

It’s not going to be a game for everyone.  Far from it. You need to have a serious sense of humor and nostalgia to enjoy this insane world that Snickel and Lluis are creating.  But for those of us who are waiting for this? Well…


Thanks for reading and remember: Stay Nerdy!

State of the Nerd – March 2018

I figured I would take a minute and update all my readers (I have readers? Thats weird) about where things are going and how I am doing.

So far, personally, 2018 has been extremely unpleasant. My hands are starting to have issues yet again (the pain comes and goes), which makes my day job very difficult (I write all day for a job, appeal letters to insurance companies).

Additionally my work commute went from 15 minutes one way to an hour and a half one way, which basically makes my work day nearly 12 hours+. I wake up every day at 5am, leave the house at 630am, and I am not back home till 6pm most nights. Assuming I dont have to stop to get gas or shop or anything. Then I am in bed by 830pm.

Not a lot of time to work on really anything. I am usually too brainfried to try.

Further still, my wifes hours are getting mucked about with at work which puts a further financial strain on my life. We still have to get dental work done for her, plus I have to do a $250 car maintenance job (good ol 15000 factory maintenance!) this month.

Thats a LOT of bad all at once.

But there has been some good I suppose.

First, I was able to get in contact with the creator of the game Gleaner Heights, which is best described as Twin Peaks meets Harvest Moon. I will be doing a video review on that once I get a good ways into the game. Prolly once I finish Year 1 so I can see as many of the in game events as possible.

Second, my wife and I got Legion Flying in WoW and unlocked the Highmountain and Nightborne Allied races, which may not seem like much to non WoW players but it was a big deal for us. I like Cow People what can I say!

Third, the blog has been pretty consistent traffic wise. I am getting usually 120 – 160 hits a day. Almost ALL of those hits however are on a single post, the Divine Soul Sorcerer post. Seriously, that thing gets nearly 100 a day. Guess no one cares about the rest but at least I did something good!

Finally, I am working on reading 1897 by FASA Games to review that, and this Saturday 3/10 I got a “DND Creators Meetup” in Orlando to go to, which honestly kinda terrifies me. Oh and I am gonna try to get another one of the PDFs I got reviewed this month as well.

So there ya have it. 3 months roughly into 2018 and….eh. Its pretty much a wash. I only hope things get better going forward from here.


Oh yea I also started writing a Mech RPG. Thats gonna take a while though.

Steel Strides & Mechanical Hearts: A Mechanized Tale RPG – Structure of Play and Inspirations

I have been hard at work at SSMH, actually trying to create a readable “draft” of the manual while also working out all the mechanics.  Today I wanted to talk about the Structure of Play as well as the things that Inspired me in both design and theme.

First, let me show you a screenshot of my “Structure of Play” section from my draft.

And yes, I am calling the GMs Section of the game “On Next Weeks Episode”.  As you can see, I am trying to focus on narrative driven action and drama.  I don’t want the players nor the GM to focus on shopping trips, or tracking every day of travel, or anything like that.  Part of this was inspired by listening to the Podcast “Protean City Comics” where every episode of the podcast is treated like an issue of a comic book.  I am unsure if Masks by design is setup that way but I want SSMH to go with a TV Show styled format.

As you can see however I make sure to mention how you can connect each session together to create a full narrative.  I am also trying to use plain language to describe and go over all the mechanics.  Less is more in my eyes.  I want to guide but not force people to feel like they have to play a specific way.  I mean, if you want to have a long trek played out day to day you totally could and the game would work that way, but I don’t feel that it would be the best use of the game.

Now, I want to take a minute to talk about the media and games that inspired me to create this and the kind of design and style I want to promote.

Super Sentai Shows (Power Rangers!) – The archtypical mecha show for me growing up was the Power Rangers.  I loved watching the kids from Hill Valley go to high school, get into hijinks, help their town, and then eventually go into Ranger mode to fight some goons, and then get in their big ass robot.  I even had a few actual Super Sentai Show episodes on VHS from when I lived in Japan (I was born on a naval base over there, but moved back to the US when I hit 1 year old).  One of the ones I remember was Space Sherrif Shaider although I had no idea what this was when I was a kid.  I had subtitles and that was it!  The other was Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.  I only remember cause the part where they yelled animal names.

Pacific Rim – If you dont see what I am trying to do here as being directly inspired by Pacific Rim I cannot help you.  Giant Robots fighting Giant Monsters?  YES PLEASE.

Armored Core – Back in the day I played the absolute crap out of the Playstation 1 series of Armored Core.  These games started as mission focused mercenary mech pilot games in the first two, but the 3rd (Master of Arena) was my favorite which was more focused on 1v1 arena battles, with missions to earn cash.  But all of them worked in a very similar way to what I am doing here.  You could swap out arms, torsos, heads, legs, weapons, and so one.  A lot of what I want to accomplish with my mech systems are based on this game.

Anime Mecha like Evangelion – Seriously.  Mecha anime are a thing.  I like particular ones but others I do not.  I was never into Macross or Gundam for example, but loved Gun X Sword (yes I am weird).  I still remember Van of Thursday saying “Wake up….Dann”.

So there you have it.  A little more about my weird little game.  Hopefully you all continue to find it interesting.

Thanks for reading, and Stay Nerdy.