At the time of me writing this, there are 180 days left till Gen Con 2019.  And I am terrified.  I am going to be getting my Plane ticket this weekend, my taxes are done, I got a Press Badge approval (yay!) so I am covered there, and my Hotel with Saevrick has been booked for over a month now.  All in all, I am as ready as I will ever be for this trip…and I got 6 months to get over my pure fear of making a complete ass of myself in public!  I will most likely title every State of the Nerd post going forward as sort of a “Countdown to GenCon” thing.  Cause why the hell not am I right?

As I am trying to do, it’s time for my monthly update to everyone to talk about how things are going in my life, and with my “Brand”.  I have no idea how to refer to this Terminally Nerdy thing to be honest.  It’s a blog, sure, but it’s also videos, and twitch streams, and tweeting, and so on.  So many different creative avenues it’s hard for me to really say what I am in that regard.  Perhaps I should just call it the Terminally Nerdy Project?  That might work.

Anyway!  First up, I have a personal goal this year to break $300 a month on patreon and KEEP IT.  Currently, I am at around $223 give or take.  However, I have actually had a net loss of overall patrons by 4.  I actually gained 6 new patrons, but lost 10 all in the month of January alone.  That is disheartening, but understandable.  The time period right after the holidays is hard for everyone with lots of credit card bills coming due, temp work drying up, and so on.  Oh and let’s not forget taxes.  That’s always a good time.

In addition, I need to really think about how to phrase what I do on Patreon.  I am branching out a bit, and changing myself from “RPG” focused stuff to “Narrative” focused stuff.  With games like call of Cthulhu being more an adventure title then an RPG but still having a strong focus on Story, I realize that it’s a bit disingenuous to call myself an RPG guy when in reality I am a STORY guy.  I love stories, in all media.  I am not a person who enjoys things like Call of Duty or PUBG or anything like that.  Its why I find open world games tiring frequently because it’s easy for my obsession with doing ALL THE THINGS to get in the way of the story.  Hell, I have even started writing Book Reviews again!

Now, that doesn’t mean I am not going to be doing tabletop RPG content.  In fact I already have a few things written and queued up for the blog that are tabletop focused.  However, it does mean that my overall content generation is going to be a bit…random I suppose?  Granted, everything I am going to be doing is focused either on Narrative gaming or Narrative driven media (it’s my jam) but it could be all sorts of things.

You might not be aware of this, but Terminally Nerdy as an idea was NEVER meant to be Tabletop RPG focused.  Originally, when I shut down my first YouTube channel over 2 years ago out of frustration, I decided I was gonna do VLogs talking about ALL my nerdy hobbies.  These included ALL forms of gaming, reading, music, and movies.  However, by chance I created my original Tabletop RPG 101 series which “blew up” at the time on twitter, and then I started getting into the DND twitter scene, and things just sort of got away from me and I became an Tabletop RPG personality.

But that really honestly is only one facet of my nerdy loves.  And it’s not even the top one.  If I were to rank things (And I told my own Patrons this) my hobbies, in order are Video games, then Reading, and then Tabletop Roleplaying.  Then music after that.

So I am going back to where my love originally was and because of this realization earlier in January, I have actually created a ton of stuff!  All of it already on patreon, but as far as the blog goes, I got posts spaced out AT LEAST every 2 weeks all the way till the end of JUNE!  Yea, thats a lot of stuff.  Its a few book reviews, couple tabletop posts, game reviews, some editorial stuff, ect.  Just a ton of stuff, all of it focused on my nerdy loves.

Now as far as Streaming goes, I got my first ever Stream Sponsor who has me playing Gothic 3 on stream and I also have started my first Terminally Nerdy Games Club stream, where Saevrick’s nomination of Dark Sun Shattered Lands (old DOS CRPG) won the vote.  I have also streamed weekly now since the start of January and have no intention of missing a week!  I am going to be alternating between the two games starting February, with Gothic 3 being the first and then going back and forth between them.  I am also planning, after Gen Con happens, to save up some Patreon funds and get a PS4 Slim and Streaming Setup for that so I can play games like God of War, Persona 5, and others that are narrative driven but console exclusive (I dislike the idea of exclusives in general).

On the video front, I am still in the planning stages of a video series on the Tiny D6 games (Tiny Dungeon, Tiny Frontiers, ect).  I have pretty much all their books right now (cept Tiny Supers which I do not believe is out at this time) and I am trying to decide if I want to do one big video on everything, or smaller videos where I start with an introduction to the system, and then one video on each book.  The videos would be something like 5-10 minutes each vs a big 30 minute monster, so that might work better for the Youtube algorithm but take a lot more work in editing.

In my day to day life I am still trapped with my 3 hours of total commute a day (1.5 each way) and limited free time (I know someone out there hates me talking about this, so I am doing it just to irritate them bwhahaha) so I am doing the best I can with what I got.  I am currently re-reading the Dresden Files series as well and I might review them as I go, so keep an eye out for that.  I read em a while back, but I wanted a long series I could sink my teeth into, and my goal this year on Goodreads is to read 26+ books totaly in the year.  I have hit something like 8-9 already in a month so I should be fine, especially reading the Dresden files again.  What can I say, I love to read.  I vastly prefer it over TV and Movies.  It makes my brain work, and I like making my brain work in that manner.

Finally, I wanted to let folks know that there are 2 games coming out this year that I am super excited for, and I fully intend to either Stream, make a Lets Play, or make a video review on BOTH.  These are the PC rerelease of Grandia (a PS1 RPG) that I fucking ADORE, and the second is The Outer Worlds by Obsidian.  I am trying to puzzle out how to get in contact with the Social Media folks at Obsidian about the Outer Worlds so I can see about getting a review copy.

Oh, and I MIGHT review / talk about the upcoming anime game Jump Force which releases in February and I intend to preorder this week.  What can I say, I love anime, and its actually got a full on story mode in it where all these different Shonen Jump anime characters come together to save the Multiverse so why the hell would I NOT want to play that?  I mean we are talking Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, Saint Saiya, City Hunter, Fist of the North Star, and more showing up in a single game!  Who doesn’t want to create a team of Goku of Dragonball Z fame, Deku from My Hero Acadamia, and Jotaro Jostar of JoJo’s Bizarre adventure to fight evil?  I mean come on, that is so over the top and insane I can’t help but NOT want to do that.  I mean, I am going to buy the game for sure, but beyond that?  I have no idea if anyone would even care beyond me.  Granted, most of what I am doing now is because I want to do it vs trying to please my audience, so there ya go.  My Stream Supporter patrons and Twitch Subs are the ones who get to have some control over content.  So I mean, if you want to have a voice, that’s how you do it *points to the Patreon link in the side bar*

As always I want to thank each of you who come and read these long rambling posts of mine and support me in all the different creative things I do.  It’s not easy being a creator anymore in this world, and any support whether it’s a retweet, a like, a comment, a KoFi, a kind word, or a Patreon Pledge helps show me that what I am doing has value to SOMEONE out there.  Hopefully I can continue to grow, and correct my previous mistakes of overshadowing my own work by promoting others and instead have my work stand as an equal to all the other excellent creators out there.


As a new thing on each of these State of the Nerd posts, I am going to talk about a creator that I personally enjoy, why I enjoy them, and where you can find them.  This is a way for me to promote others in a meaningful way but also in a sneaky way (I mean, you gotta read all the way down to here to even SEE this shout out so there ya go).  I might also sprinkle these in older posts as the mood strikes me.  Ya never know!

Today I want to bring up someone I have been championing for a long time: Wally DM.  This is a guy who started Youtube roughly the same time I did with Terminally Nerdy.  Wally however is a true Tabletop Focused guy.  Every video he does is either a review of some tabletop product, or more often than not, he talks about Puzzles.  Wally has some of the BEST Puzzle videos I have ever seen, and in each video he does he not only breaks down a full explanation of the puzzle, he shows how it would work in play using minis and a gridded map.  Every one of his puzzle videos shows precisely how you could use the puzzle in your own game, and he even provides ideas of where to use it and why you would use it.  His production value has gone up steadily as well, and I love watching his stuff when I need new ideas.

If you need Puzzles for your DND / Pathfinder game (or just want to talk Magic the Gathering Commander as he is HUGE into that as well and quite knowledgable) then you can find Wally D at the following locations!

Wally D Twitter –

Wally D Youtube –

Please check him out I promise you will NOT be disappointed, and tell him Terminally Nerdy sent ya by leaving a comment on his videos, or taggin him on twitter.

180 Days Till Gen Con! State of the Nerd: February 2019
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