It’s that time again!  Time to talk about how last month went, and how this coming month is looking in the world of Terminally Nerdy!  This post most likely will not be too long, as honestly there hasn’t been much going on in the Nerdy world all things considered.

First let’s talk schedule.  My wife’s work schedule is changing effective March 2nd, and she will be back to working both Saturdays and Sundays for the most part.  This means that Sundays will be ONLY for Streaming (YAY!) and Saturdays will be either Clay relaxing OR Clay working on things.  For example, on March 2nd I hope to work on my new Lets Play.

Yes, you heard that right.  I am trying out doing an actual classic Youtube Lets Play.  No camera, voice only.  What game?  Final Fantasy X Remastered on PC, and my Patrons are the only ones getting the episodes right now.  The idea here was to give me another type of content I could create on my own time, in a more bite sized format vs the archives of Streams that I post.  Let’s face it, my Stream Archives are 3 to 4 hours in length and not everyone wants to bother watching them on my Youtube Channel.  But a 20-30 minute video once a week?  That’s much more digestible.  So far I have recorded something like 11 episodes of the FFX Lets Play, and the first 4 episodes are frankly a bit of a mess but I fixed everything on Episode 5 and onwards.  The plan is that they will not be released to the public until the entire game is finished, and at that point I will move on to a new game.  I also intend to focus on JRPGs or Grindy games for the Lets Play series.  That way I can do stuff off camera and not run into the issue of missing something.  If you want to view what I have released so far then consider dropping $1 on my Patreon.  You get access to episodes every week, along with tons of other stuff the instant I finish em.

Hell, I got blog posts every 2 weeks queued up until the end of JUNE right now.  Seriously.  I got book reviews, a couple of Plot Hook articles, some game reviews, ect.  All sorts of stuff.  But my Patrons?  They got it ALL already.  Seriously, for just a buck you can get it all instantly vs waiting around.  Or pledge more, there are other perks too!  So again, VISIT MY PATREON!

Now as far as Tabletop RPG stuff goes, I got a couple of reviews in the works, and with my Saturday’s being freed up again during the morning, I can actually put some work into them.  I got something to review from Yubi which should be done relatively quickly honestly, and then the Tiny D6 stuff still including a new game they sent to all their patrons (which I am one) called Tiny Gods.  Oh yea, Demi Gods in Tiny D6 format?  HELL.  YES.  I need to see if they are working on Tiny Supers as well.  But these are all in the works and with more free time I should be able to work on those as well and other stuff.  I also have a post where I am actually paying a writer to review something that was sent to me as a test run when he is done with it.  He needed some work, I needed some help, boom!

On the video game front, I am putting Jump Force aside till the DLC is released and the bugs worked out.  Turns out there are some nasty issues in the later parts of the story with the AI, and I am hoping they fix it.  In fact, the most effective way to play the game right now is to spam guard and then spam Throws since the AI only uses Block and Supers.  Seriously, you just block a bunch, and then when the AI is done spamming, you spam your Throw button because that breaks guards.

I am also working on a review of Okami HD.  I played the original version on the PS2 way back when it was first released, and I am finally getting to the HD Remaster, which is a real treat.  I just reached the Windmill area in Okami HD if you know the game, so it’s gonna be a bit of time till I finish.  Not that I mind.  Ammy is the best pupper in gaming hands down.  As far as streaming goes, I am working through Dark Sun Shattered Lands, which is the Terminally Nerdy Games Club game on my Twitch, which is not a terrible game, but it hasn’t aged too well.

In fact, this Sunday March 3rd will be a nice 4 hour stream of Dark Sun Shattered Lands on my Twitch Channel, then I will be switching back to My Time at Portia for the rest of March, which I started this past weekend on Stream (you can view the Archive of my first stream of that right here).  Thanks to the Devs of My Time at Portia for providing me a key, it’s an excellent game thus far and very in depth.  I am intending to do a full story playthrough on my Twitch Channel, and then a written review.  And obviously I am working on FFX Remastered in Lets Play form.  Oh, and the new Path of Exile expansion releases in a week or so, and I am totally gonna be playing that as a Storm Brand Elementalist.  That’s more for me though.

On my New 2DS XL I am working on Persona Q Shadow of the Labyrinth in preparation for Persona Q 2 which will release in June in the US.  I might have to get me a physical collector’s edition of PQ2 truth be told, as I am super interested in the game.  Maybe I can contact one of the folks at Atlus US to get one.  Maybe.  I should ask cause that would be killer.  I should finish Persona Q first though and review it I imagine haha.

Additionally, I now have a Steam Group and Steam Curator page for you to join and follow.  Please do so, it helps extend my reach, and the Curator page is a great place to get bite sized reviews of games in case my long form stuff is not your cup of tea!  Also the Steam Group is a place where fans of my work can meet up and chat with each other (and me!) and maybe play some games together, if your into that kind of thing.

Finally, there is something special that I will be doing in March assuming schedules and timing all lines up, which should be something VERY cool.  I hope.  My Patrons will get it once it’s done, and the rest, well, I dunno!  But trust me when I say that it’s kinda wild.


For this month’s creator spotlight I am going to talk about a musician and podcaster I adore as of late, Marc with a C.  He has been making low fi pop records for something like 20 years (as he tells it) and they are honestly a ton of fun.  I have known him for a couple of years now, and met him a few times in fact at shows here in my home town.  He honestly is just a good guy and deserves a listen.

Beyond his music however is his music Podcast, Discography.  This is a podcast where takes a deep dive into the various canonical albums of different musicians to see what their work says about them and how it all stacks up.  His season 1 was on Frank Zappa, which personally I had never really bothered with and thanks to hearing some of the tracks, about the only thing I MIGHT listen to is his Synclavier stuff because Zappa’s lyrical stuff is a little too out there for my tastes.  But breaking down the history of Zappa was completely fascinating.  Seasons 2 he busted out Janet Jackson, another artist I have never really been into because that style of music is generally not my thing, but after hearing her history I might have to give it a look.  And finally, the current Season 3 is The Who, and dear god it’s wonderful.  Like seriously, I love his Who seasons so so much.

If you are looking for a new musical act to follow or a new podcast to listen to I cannot recommend either of his works enough, they are phenomenal!

Marc with a C Website:

Discography on Consequence of Sound Network:

As always thanks for reading everyone and Stay Nerdy!  Make sure to follow me on TwitchYoutubeTwitter, and join my Steam Group and Steam Curator pages!  Pledge to my Patreon!  Spread the word on social media & help me get out there so I can bring even more content to the masses.  You do want more content yes?

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