100 Magical Items and Where to Find Them: A Review

Hello my Nerdy Friends! Today, courtesy of my patron and friend Yubi, I got a new product for Dungeons and Dragons ready to review, break down, and present to you.

Titled “100 Magical Items and Where to Find Them” this PDF is exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of magical items and locations where they are located. To be exact, we have 10 locations which are things like “A Bustling Library” or “A Crowded Casino“, and then each location houses 10 unique items within them.

As you can see from the table of contents, the locations are a mix of standard places like a Haunted Cove or the aforementioned Library, to more unique places like a Razed Hamlet or the aforementioned Casino. Each page in this PDF details one of these 10 locations with its title, a brief description of a “style” of this location, an image or two to represent the location, and then the 10 magical items.

I say magical items but frankly these are more a mix of trinkets and actual items. You can have something as basic as magical color changing ink, or you can have a magical sound proof hat that can absorb damage. You won’t find magical swords, axes, or armors in these pages. More likely, you will find things that would fall under the “Wondrous Item” heading in the Dungeon Masters Guide. Also the items are numbered one to ten so if you need to you can randomly generate one of the items.

Now, one thing I want to specifically mention about this PDF is the formatting. Its easy to read sure, and it uses the standard “parchment” styled coloration and text, but its in LANDSCAPE rather then the standard book / portrait style! At first I was a tiny bit confused as to why this was, but when I asked Yubi they pointed out that since most of us are going to read this on a computer or a tablet, and those tend to be in widescreen format….meaning that a pdf in widescreen is SUPER EASY TO READ! Like I cannot believe I had not thought about this, and frankly, after reading this PDF I am very happy with the format. It was very easy to get each page to be full on my screen and still readable.

Further, this item on the DMs Guild comes with an “Accessible” version, which is in Portrait but designed and test to be used with screen readers, meaning those with sight issues can still enjoy and use this document. This is a very handy item to have, and a good idea for folx in the future to consider if they are able and willing to take that extra bit of time.

100 Magical Items and Where to Find Them is a steal at $2, available here on the DMs Guild. While some of the items can seem a bit odd or useless (like the color changing ink) there is enough here that most GMs / DMs will find useful or at least interesting, and many of the items could be used or expanded on to create something vastly more unique. Also, since there are basically no stats (and only a few items reference specific spells), this is less a 5th Edition document and more System Neutral document. I could easily use basically anything in here in any generic fantasy game I ran.

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